Cut with precision to the micrometre to perfectly suit your Vector Watch Luna, our product is the sturdiest, thinnest and clearest protector on the market, bound to maintain the out-of-the-box look of your new watch or restore the shine of an older one.

The most revolutionary protector as of yet, our product (0.2 mm thick) is composed of 4 different layers to ensure ultimate protection. The uppermost of which is crafted out of elastomeric polymers which heal over time making any existent scratches disappear. The second and third layer provide clarity and shock absorption, while the fourth active silicone one delivers perfect adherence.

• Military Grade technology - initially created to protect the propellers of military helicopters and it was tried and tested in extreme conditions.

• Full HD Transparency - extremely discreet but keeps your watch looking brand-new and masks the micro scratches on the glass.

• Scratch-resistant & self-healing - 2X the power of a normal screen protector

• Due to its unique structure, no sticky residue is left behind, would the protector be removed.

• Your order comes with: 2 X Classic Smart Protection screen protector, microfibre cloth, spray, installation card, instructions.